Satchel Sassy: Siedah Garrett Bags a Whole New Direction in Style

Article excerpt

NOT ONLY IS SIEDAH GARRETT CONSISTENTLY IN creative mode, she's always prepared. At an annual Christmas dinner party at the home of Quincy Jones in 2006, word got out that Garrett had started a handbag line. When singer Patti Austin asked if she would crochet a bag for her, Garrett said she had 32 bags in her car in preparation for a private trunk show. That night she sold half a dozen. Jones suggested she leave the rest of her bags with him. Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey were visiting the next day, and he thought they might be interested. Winfrey bought two and so did Carey.

Although Garrett is best known for her talents as a singer and songwriter, having produced award-winning hits for artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Jennifer Hudson, her creative interests include art and fashion--chiefly handbags. "I've always been a handbag harlot," she admits.

The interest stemmed from being mocked for wearing second-hand clothes, and later, her fascination with clothing labels, which she collected for years. "I don't like them in the back of my clothes; I like them as art." So she began designing cloth bags featuring a variety of labels. …