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40%of the UK population know they are overweight - but twice as many think they are under funded.

80% of people are worried about their debt levels, and with the total UK personal debt currently standing at over pounds 1.4 trillion they've got good reason to be concerned.

Which is why Kensington Financial Management has launched a Food For Thought Financial Diet Plan and is urging people to ditch debt and pickup poundson this diet-with-a-difference.

Kensington Financial Management'sLee Parkin said: "People don't need to start 2009 in fear of financial meltdown. But they do need to be mindful if they want to maintain, or regain, a healthy bank balance.

"2009 will be a tough year for a lot of people and our diet planis designed to lessen the blow.Kensington Financial Management's ultimate goals are to help people get out of debt, and to stop people getting in to it.

We work on a combination of prevention and cure!"

With these goals in mind, Kensington Financial Management Consultants have compiled a list of five recession-ready resolutions:

1. Spend less than you earn People generally spend 10% more than they earn - and you can't lose weight if you take in more calories than you burn! Most people are aware of how much money comes in, but have no idea how much money they spend each month. …