Lieutenant Governor Post to Remain Vacant

Article excerpt

Byline: Dan Carden

SPRINGFIELD u Now that Pat Quinn has become governor, who becomes the lieutenant governor?

Answer: no one.

According to the Illinois Constitution, when the office of lieutenant governor becomes vacant "it shall remain vacant until the end of the term." Should anything happen to Quinn, the constitution says he would be succeeded first by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and then Secretary of State Jesse White.

Illinois wonAEt have a lieutenant governor until January 2011.

Will anyone notice?

The constitution assigns no specific powers or duties to the lieutenant governor, aside from waiting around to see if the governor dies, resigns, or, like Blagojevich, is impeached and removed from office. A governor can delegate responsibilities to the lieutenant governor, but doesnAEt have to.

Quinn called attention to environmental and veterans issues during his six years as lieutenant governor, but had few formal responsibilities. Last month Quinn said he hadnAEt even spoken to Blagojevich since 2007.

Two recent lieutenant governors quit the job saying there was nothing to do.

In June 1994, Lt. Gov. Bob Kustra announced he would resign in order to take a job on Chicago talk radio. But then-Gov. …