Honing Women Leadership Skills

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BYLINE: sarah-jane bosch

Women business leaders will be given a space to grow personally and professionally when the Women in Leadership programme kicks off at the UCT Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) this month.

Course director Marjolijn Dijksterhuis says the programme is not designed to exclude men or foster an "us versus them" mentality but rather create a space for women leaders to share their experiences.

"We see that same-gender groups generally find it easier to open up to each other, which is critical for a programme of this kind.

"The course is designed to be a catalyst for personal leadership transformation and participants need to share their challenges and experiences to achieve the desired outcome," she says.

"We are creating a platform for personal and professional development by encouraging each participant to work with her individual leadership challenges. Some people are sceptical of women-only programmes as they believe they tackle gender-specific challenges and have a narrow focus. But we do not take the stance of tackling general 'women's issues at work'; we do not assume that all women share the same experiences."

The 2009 programme will feature network management expert Dr Karen Stephenson, hailed in CNN's Business 2.0 as "The Organisation Woman" and one of only three women who have been recognised from a short list of 55 in the Guide to the Management Gurus. …