Saga of the Exploding Corsa Rear Windows Continues

Article excerpt

The "exploding Corsa Lite rear window" story keeps running.

The short version is that General Motors South Africa confirmed in late 2007 that Opel Corsa Lite models made or sold between May 2005 and June 2007 had a fault in the design of their rear windows or "backlites": an overheating de-mister terminal made them prone to shatter.

The company undertook to repay insurance excess amounts to all those who had been made to claim on their insurance policies when replacing their shattered glass ... before the manufacturing defect came to light.

And once the engineers figured out what was causing the problem and had designed a new backlite, letters were sent out to 11 000 affected owners, urging them to take their cars in to have their backlites inspected with a view to replacing them.

That offer expired at the end of November, but those Corsa Lite owners who have the shattering experience will continue to have the glass replaced free of charge until the end of next year, regardless of the model of their car.

Thousands of Corsa Lites with dodgy backlites remain out there, and I'm still getting e-mails every month from people who didn't have a clue about "The Issue" until their backlite exploded. …