'Wake-Up Call' for Claremont after Robbery

Article excerpt


CLAREMONT residents say they need to become "more vigilant and proactive" after an elderly couple were robbed by criminals who broke into their Bishopscourt home through the roof while they were sleeping on Friday.

It was the second time in the last few months that the 76-year-old couple had been robbed.

Shirley Bales, of the Doris Road Neighbourhood Watch, described Brenda and Neville Morris as "very brave".

"They (the robbers) were very polite and gentlemanly. But it is actually still a shocking experience."

Bales said Brenda Morris's husband, Neville, has been bed-ridden and needed a night nurse to care for him.

The suspects got on to the Morris's property via their neighbour's back garden and adjacent walls, she said, even though most of the walls had electrified fencing.

Bales believed the burglars had been scouting the area for some nights, with several alarms being set off.

She urged other residents to agree to meet with police, to assess "weak areas" for burglary.

"We need to be more vigilant and proactive. We can not leave everything to the police. …