Baby P Death Prompts Training; Frontline Social Workers to Get a 'Refresher'

Article excerpt

Byline: BY LAURA SHARPE Daily Post Staff

LIVERPOOL'S social workers are to be given extra training following recommendations made after the death of Baby P.

The city council has decided to offer refresher training to frontline staff to ensure they give good advice and make the right decisions.

It follows an Ofsted Joint Area Review into Haringey Council after the death of Baby P.

Liverpool City Council has conducted a review of its position in relation to the recommendations and is taking action on a number of points.

Stuart Smith, director of children, family and adult services at the city council said they had opted to do a self-audit after Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Ball hinted the review would become compulsory later this year.

Alongside further training for staff and councillors, the city council is also seeking an independent chair to oversea their safeguarding board, instead of an elected councillor.

Mr Smith said: "We have carried out an audit to look at how records are checked and looked at staffing levels and management staffing. The Haringey report recommended having an independent chair of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

"Rather than wait until later in the year when all the council's across the country are advertising for a highly skilled person we thought we would do it early."

The Haringey Joint Area Review recommended that the council "make explicit to all staff and elected members the expectations and standards required of frontline protection practice". …