'He's Playing a Dangerous Game Thinking He's Bigger Than the Station. He's Not' HENRY KELLY BLAST AT GERRY RYAN 2FM STAR WARNED OVER PAYCUT

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IRISH broadcaster Henry Kelly has warned motor-mouth DJ Gerry Ryan he is playing a dangerous game by refusing to take a pay cut.

2FM shock-jock Gerry insists he will not accept a reduction in his EUR558,000 salary to help RTE reduce costs.

Top newsreader Bryan Dobson and sports pundit Bill O'Herlihy have become the latest high-profile stars to agree to slash their income by 10 per cent at the struggling national broadcaster.

Mr Kelly, 63, said: "I have been in and out of more jobs in radio broadcasting than Gerry Ryan and it is a very dangerous game for people to think, 'I am the radio station.

"This radio station would not exist without me'. The fact of the matter is that it would.

"It is a very dangerous strategy as I saw him quoted in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago saying, 'I earn them RTE this amount of money so I am more to them than they are to me'.

"Ireland being a comparatively small market, a guy would be well advised not to say, 'Well I am worth X millions and I will go somewhere else'. It is a dangerous occupation for broadcasters to think they are indispensable.

"If all the other presenters and features on 2FM were to stop tomorrow and it was just Gerry Ryan and his radio show, how many people would still turn on the radio? With his figures, his salary and the confidence RTE has in him, it all demonstrates he thinks he is the bees knees but bees have more things than knees."

Mr Kelly, who had a successful 40-year career with the BBC and ITV, said Ryan had no alternative to working for RTE and no other station in the country could match his massive salary. …