How Brown Lost out to Cameron in Tug of Love over Carol; DAVE'S NEW ADDITION: Mr Cameron with Carol in Last Week's Snow

Article excerpt

Byline: Simon Walters

GORDON BROWN was left redfaced last night after it was revealed how he lost out to David Cameron in the race for Carol Vorderman's political affections.

The former Countdown star posed for pictures in the snow with the Conservative leader last week as she vowed to lead a Tory crusade to tackle people's fear of maths.

But The Mail on Sunday has learned that Ms Vorderman, 48, turned down an almost identical offer from the Prime Minister.

Mr Brown wrote to brainy Ms Vorderman shortly after she left Countdown, praising her for making maths more fun for millions of people through the Channel 4 programme.

And he invited her to Downing Street to meet him and Schools Secretary Ed Balls to discuss how she could help the Government promote maths standards.

However, unknown to Mr Brown, Ms Vorderman was already in the process of agreeing to work for Mr Cameron. And last week it was announced that she is to head a new Conservative task force to look at teaching methods in countries such as China and India.

She said she wanted to address people's 'fear' of the subject and establish whether tests in Britain have got easier. The move is part of a package of proposals to improve numeracy unveiled by Mr Cameron. …