Coffee Break Extra: Quizopedia

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Byline: Mike Harris

1 What is the percentage of valentine cards bought by women according to US Greetings Card Association? Is it 35, 45, 60, 70, 80, 85 or 90%?

2 Name the patron saint of Welsh lovers and on which date is the occasion celebrated?

3 In the world of Chicago, Illinois, what have the following individuals in common? Peter & Frank Gusenberg, Albert Kachettek, Adam Heyer, Reinhart Schwimmer, Albert Weinshank and John May.

4 Identify a connection between the principal vocalist with the 1950s Ted Heath Band and today's significance.

5 Which Rodgers and Hart song subject; was, i) laughable, ii) unphotographable, iii) comic, iv) smart when she spoke, v) had a figure less than Greek, but, was, nonetheless, vi) their favourite work of art?

6 He was born Rodolpho Alphonso, Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla in 1895 in Castellaneta in southern Italy, wrote a volume of poetry entitled Daydreams (1923), had three books written about him in 1962, 1967 and 1976, was good-looking and moved with a attractive athleticism, was married to the tempestuous Natacha Rambova, became an iconic film star, but died, suddenly, in New York of peritonitis in 1926 at the height of his fame. Identify him.

7 Why did Al Capone holiday at Florida in mid-February 1929 with associates Chri Boy and Josiah Rosales?

8 What two perishable commodities are often bought to accompany, or as an alternative to, a St Valentine Day card?

9 Which brilliant C14th English poet was responsible for the establishment of February 14th as a day of romantic love?

10 What are Vinegar Valentines?

11 Where in the Middle East in 2008 did the religious police ban the sale of all Valentine Day items telling shop workers to remove any red items as the day was considered an un-Islamic holiday. …