Landing the Whale: How to Package the Fully Integrated Buy: Pitching the Client Is Just One Step. Two Experts Share How to Keep the Full-Service Marketing Package on Track

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WINNING A LONG-TERM commitment from a large advertiser is the goal for every sales staff. But before the package can be sold, the publisher needs to make sure it has all of its resources lined up internally. From sales to edit to Web developers and print design, the key to success is how well those groups (and others) have prepared.


When b-to-b publisher Advantage Business Media wanted to bolster its educational offerings to the marketplace, it developed a new section in Electronic Component News called "Books and Kits" which lets companies submit engineering technical journals for review by senior technical editor Jon Titus, who then follows up the next issue by reviewing a kit.

The Books and Kits program generated interest from several large advertisers and the reviews appear both in print and online. "We're trying to ground a lot of what we're doing from an educational standpoint in print and then move the audience to the Web site to get more information," says Nick Pinto, group publisher of ABM's design group.


The main customer for the program was a distributor whose involvement prompted one of its manufacturers to advertise in the magazine as well. Advantage also began adding additional elements to the program. One is a community program called ECN Brainstorm in which editors pose questions on different engineering topics. "From an educational standpoint, we're offering a bit more than just a new product application focus, which is what ECN has always been known for," says Pinto.

Addressing the Readers First

Advantage is currently fielding a large proposal called Design Talk which offers different viewpoints from various people on engineering design. Sponsors can have their vendors address various design issues. Editors come up with topics which the sponsors can take to their vendors. The effort will also feature Webcasts and pre-recorded podcasts. Print remains an initial launching point for the programs, for both readers and the advertisers. "Communities in print have been formed far longer than they have online," says Pinto.

The design group sales staff develops the programs with the editorial team. Once Advantage gets buy-in on the concept, it will bring in additional support, including designers and Web developers. …