Grievance over as Difficult Procedure Is Given the Axe; in Association with WWW.Wilkes.Co.UK LEGAL

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Byline: linda jones

Employers and employment lawyers alike are looking forward to the abolition of the Statutory Disciplinary and Grievance procedures on April 6 this year.

The Government introduced the procedures in 2004 to encourage the resolution of employment disputes in the workplace, cutting down the number of employment tribunal claims.

A number of specialist employment judges and senior employment lawyers expressed serious concerns about the procedures even before they were introduced and their reservations have now proved to be wellfounded.

The procedures are legally complex, impractical and have led to an increase in tribunal complaints rather than the desired reduction. Last year, a government-initiated review concluded that the procedures had been a complete failure and should be abolished.

What will replace them? Businesses will be relieved to learn that therewill be no new compulsory disciplinary andgrievance procedures introduced.

However, the position isn't quite that simple, as Acas, the publicly-funded Arbitration and Conciliation Service, is planning to introduce a newcode of practice on discipline and grievance at work. …