More Women Legislators and Leaders

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Numbers are up this year for women in state legislatures, both as leaders and members. There are more women presiding officers in the nation's state capitols than ever before - four speakers and three Senate presidents. There are more women members than ever before - 1,588 or 21 percent of the 7,424 state legislators, 54 more than in 1995.


The Top Ten

State                      % Women

Washington                    39%
Arizona                       37
Colorado                      35
Nevada                        32
Vermont                       32
New Hampshire                 31
Minnesota                     30
Kansas                        30
Maryland                      29
Connecticut                   28
The Bottom Five

State                      % Women

Alabama                        4%
Kentucky                       9
Oklahoma                      10
Louisiana                     11
Mississippi                   11

Ten years ago, women were at 16 percent with 1,170 members. That year, there were three women presiding officers among a total of 17 top women leaders. This year women serve as speakers in Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire and Ohio and as Senate presidents in Arizona, Florida and Iowa. There are a total of 24 women in the top leadership posts - speaker of the House, Senate president, and majority and minority leaders of both houses.

Washington state maintains its long-held status of having the largest proportion of women legislators at 39 percent of the Legislature. Alabama remains at the bottom with 4 percent. Arizona moved into second place this session with 37 percent women lawmakers, up from fourth place and 30 percent in 1995. …