Behind the Glitz of the Oscars Is a Hard-Nosed Business Model; IN ASSOCIATION WITH Rensburg Sheppards Small Firms

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Byline: Matt Johnson

HATS off to the British film industry for its remarkable scooping of the pool at this week's Academy Awards.

Try as you might, you will struggle to see much evidence of belt-tightening among the winners at the brashest show in Hollywood. The Oscar ceremony is a big budget production in its own right.

Little expense was spared and, in the land of make-believe that has grown so successfully in this suburb of Los Angeles, the show - and the parties - went on and on. Away from the glitz, the film industry combines hard-nosed business with cutting-edge technology, as well as some quite phenomenal marketing tactics.

One mobile phone shop window in Liverpool at the moment is bedecked with a display promoting the latest big release from Touchstone Pictures. Central to this window display is a very large model of a smart Nokia handset. I've not seen this particular film, but I would wager this swanky piece of kit features prominently in an effective but subliminal way.

Behind every film honoured on Sunday evening, there will almost certainly be at least one sub-plot involving product placement or the contracts of the stars or the technical teams who make an increasingly significant contribution to what we see. …