Evolution Theory and Religion Can Co-Exist, Say Most in Wales

Article excerpt

IT IS a debate which has fascinated mankind for centuries: science or religion?

But the Welsh do not seem to know what all the fuss is about.

A new survey shows people in Wales are prepared to accept science and religion together and do not see the two as mutually exclusive.

The theology think-tank Theos interviewed more than 2,000 people asking them about their views on evolution and religion.

While roughly equal numbers articulated strong creationist or scientific beliefs, the majority of those questioned in Wales - 38% - said they felt evolution is compatible with religious belief.

The survey was conducted to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

Paul Wooley, director of Theos, said: "The public are often offered a strange choice by well-known atheists, evolution or God?

"Interestingly, Charles Darwin considered that to be a false choice. He believed it was perfectly possible to believe in God and in the theory of evolution. During his lifetime he corresponded with 200 clergymen, many of whom were personal friends and a number of whom provided him with useful data for his theory. …