Marriage Classes ...Now to the Tune of Horror Movies; Exorcist Theme Strikes Ominous Note at Church Marital Course

Article excerpt

Byline: Larissa Nolan

NERVOUS bride and grooms-to-be attending a Catholic pre-marriage course last week were spooked not by the thought of lifelong commitment but by the choice of unholy background music during tasks - the theme tune from The Exorcist.

The Prevention And Relationship Enhancement Programme (PREP) at All Hallows College in Dublin offers marriage training such as 'practice arguments' and teaches conflict resolution and effective communication.

At the beginning of the programme, the facilitator instructed the pairs to sit together where she would play them some 'soothing' music as they considered their love of one another. But while the couples were doing just that, The Exorcist theme was the first piece of music to be played.

Afterwards, those who took part discussed the bizarre choice and were stumped as to why a Catholic course would pick out a piece of music synonymous with a movie about exorcism.

One attendee even mentioned it on a comments form, asking: 'What's all that about with The Exorcist music?' One groom-to-be said: 'It's nerve-wracking enough, all the preparation for marriage.

'The last thing you want as you are sitting their with your fiancee, considering things like children and lifetime love, is to hear the theme tune from The Exorcist. It is easily recognisable and anyone who would know films would know it. It did feel a bit ominous.

'They should really take it out.' The PREP is required attendance for all those planning to get married in a Catholic church. …