An Open Plea to the Washington Capitals

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An open plea to the Washington Capitals

Hey, fellas, guys, dudes, whatever. You're starting to make us nervous. Not to get frantic over your little slump, but enough's enough. Cut it out already.

We don't need this from you, OK? The city hasn't exactly been crawling with winners lately. The Wizards are awful. The Nationals had the worst record in baseball. The Redskins again are trying to buy a championship, and we know how that goes. Amazingly, maybe none of our college basketball teams get into the NCAA tournament. And we have a lot of college basketball teams.

You, Caps, might be our only hope. Since early last season you've been terrific, or at least really good, a shining beacon piercing the gloomy sports landscape. But now it's March. The playoffs start in about a month. Sure, you'll get in, but that's not the issue here. Losing three straight at home to three tomato cans is not the mark of a potential champion. This is no time for that.

Yeah, Ovie and a few others are hurt. But true contenders, the teams playing in June, shake off the injuries, maintain their focus and keep grinding. …