Where to Go from Here

Article excerpt

"A New Generation of Art" is a phrase I've used quite often to describe the changes occurring within our industry, the transformation of our magazine's look and overall message and the general climate of the art world at large. When considering what's happening in the art market as of late, it's certainly clear that a new era is upon us. Whether we choose to resist it or grow from it is completely up to us.

Our cover story (page 26) this month focuses on just that--growing and moving forward with this new generation of art. How can we stay relevant in a changing market? What can we do to appeal to the members of a new generation of collectors? What will we change; what will remain the same? As tough as these questions may be to crack, they are the very issues we simply can't afford to ignore.

If you're looking for a little inspiration to begin, look no further than the pages of this issue. If the industry experts featured are any proof, your business will be completely energized, modernized and revolutionized, in short, ready to take on a new era of art. All it takes is a determined mind-set and a fresh perspective. Isn't that what we all need every once in a while?

Contributing writers James and Ruth-Ann Thorn have certainly taken these mantras to heart. They've used the downturn as a time to evolve their gallery and publishing businesses rather than keeping them paralyzed in once-successful business practices. …