Brilliant US Police Drama Finally Makes It to UK TV; BRIAN McIVER'S PICK OF THE DAY DAYTIME MOVIES

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The Wire

BBC Two, 11.20pm

ALMOST seven years after it first aired on American television, The Wire finally makes it to British network TV.

This is one of the most acclaimed and popular shows in history, and tells the story of a Baltimore drugs squad, who are trying to crack the gang trade in the city.

From the perspective of both the cops and the crooks, this is gripping stuff, and while it may take a few episodes to get into, it's more than worth it, as the rewards are huge.


BBC One, 8.00pm

PREPARATIONS are under way for Peggy's hen party and Janine is out to cause trouble, much to everyone's surprise.

Meanwhile, Jean's new venture as a make-up artist gets off to a tentative start when some callous criticism from Archie knocks her confidence.

Elsewhere, Jack's offer to babysit Amy causes tension between Ronnie and Roxy.

Dispatches: The Trouble With Boris

Channel 4, 8.00pm

THIS may be a programme about the Mayor of London, and his performance in his first year in charge of the busiest city in Europe, but it will appeal to people all over the UK as it is also about modern politics.

Looking at Boris's campaign promises and policies in action, the programme gets inside his administration and looks at what he has done in the past 12 months.

This is Spinal Tap

ITV, 11.35pm

EVER wondered why rock DJs always talk about volume levels going up to 11? Well, this fantastic movie is the reason.

A mock documentary, Rob Reiner plays a filmmaker covering the tour of an ageing and failing English heavy metal band who are making a final hurrah across America to promote their comeback album, Smell the Glove.

Showing off their insane egos and high stupidity, the unholy trinity of Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer live up to every crass rock stereotype as they try to hype their music. …