'We've Been Scrappy': What It Takes to Project Plan: Got a Lot of New Ideas? Great. but Do You Have the Process (and Personnel) in Place to Execute These Ideas on Time, on Budget, and Well?

Article excerpt

GOOD IDEAS are just that when publishers don't have the resources to finance and execute brand extensions that could ultimately help the company. So how do they find time, funds and resources to brainstorm and launch new ideas that could add to a publication's revenue stream?


Oklahoma Today recently decided to plan and launch a May/June special collector's issue, "The Rock & Roll Issue," in conjunction with the Oklahoma History Center's exhibit "Another Hot Oklahoma Night," featuring Oklahoma's historical contribution to rock.

When it comes to pulling together the resources for this event, "We've been scrappy," says Oklahoma Today publisher Joan Henderson. The idea to combine forces with the Oklahoma History Center for a special exhibit came about through brainstorming sessions with Henderson and Oklahoma Today's staff of 12. However, the magazine, known for some guerilla marketing in the past, has no dedicated events or marketing staff.

Owned by the state, the publication isn't out for huge profits but has "man aged to be in the black" for the past few years.

However, planning and launching an issue that's tied to an event is a different animal altogether when it comes to logistics and funds, especially with events and advertising hurting. "No one has money for marketing, certainly not us," she says.

While Henderson plans to be the lead on this initiative, Oklahoma Today is working closely with the History Center and Oklahoma Film & Music Office to make it happen. …