Political Appointments 'Have Leached Police Service of Skills'

Article excerpt

BYLINE: Political Bureau

POLICE were battling to fight crime because the ANC had appointed its own people who had no policing skills to positions of authority, the Democratic Alliance said yesterday.

The party's safety and security spokeswoman, Dianne Kohler Barnard, said the ANC's policy of deploying cadres into key government jobs had resulted in skilled security experts beingreplaced by political appointees. She told a briefing at Parliament that this lay at the heart of the problems in the police service.

She said critical senior positions needed to be filled, detective units beefed up and the backlog of samples at the forensic science laboratories tackled.

Kohler Barnard said the police's command structure had been left in disarray, with national commissioner Jackie Selebi on special leave pending the finalisation of a corruption inquiry, two of five divisional commissioner posts vacant and another two divisional commissioners facing internal and criminal investigations. …