REAL IRA THREAT: WE'LL MURDER MORE SOLDIERS; Family of Dead Sapper Call for End to Killings

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THE Irish terror group who claimed they killed Birmingham soldier Mark Quinsey are threatening the lives of other young squaddies. .

Hardline dissidents the Real IRA have issued a chilling warning to soldiers that they would "take them out" if they continued to serve in Northern Ireland.

The group branded Northern-Irish born squaddies as "legitimate targets" because of ongoing searches in border counties for dissident republican weapons.

A spokesman for the group said: "Just like the Catholic police officers who joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland, these soldiers are traitors to the republican cause.

"If they get in our way or try to disrupt our campaign by co-operating with the British war machine then we will take them out.

"Our war has always been with Britain but if there are soldiers from the north who are collaborating with them they better be careful." Mark Quinsey, who served as a Sapper with the 38 Engineer Regiment, was shot down outside Massereene Barracks in Antrim as he collected a pizza delivery on March 7.

His comrade Sapper Patrick Azimkar, 21, was also killed as the murderers fired 60 bullets at the pair hours before they were due to leave for Afghanistan.

The terror group also singled out the pizza delivery men who were also shot at on the night of Mark's murder.

The spokesman added: "The police pizza delivery men in Antrim were legitimate targets because they were helping with an army of occupation and the same will go for anyone else - no matter where they come from." Last night 23-year-old Mark's sister Jaime, from Highters Heath, said of the threats made by the Real IRA: "What is wrong with them? …