Bible, Creation Still Split Opinion; YourSay

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JAMES Fowler in a letter to Your Say refers to the Bible as a Terry Pratchett fantasy story. Hmm, would this be the same Bible that has inspired famous writers and artists to create some of the world's most beautiful and enduring works of art? Would this be the same Bible that has helped shape the entire civilization of mankind as it stands today? What a shallow mind. I think that most forward thinking people accept in some way or other, that evolution has, and is taking a hand in strengthening and diversifying all organic life on earth.

However, could this not be a part of some larger plan? Today's foremost theoretical

MR HANCOCK now seems to be saying that Darwin and Genesis are both wrong. Perhaps he could explain? He refers to errors in the "St James Bible" (think he means King James) but doesn't give examples; claims the support of 'experts', but doesn't name them; rejects all the evidence for evolution, but doesn't say what he would accept as evidence. …