You're Never Too Young for Existentialism; THE Non DOMESTIC GODDESS

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Byline: Deborah Ross

IF A system isn't broken, then why not dream up a way to unnecessarily tinker with it? For too long now the minds of five-year-old children have had it too easy with the three 'Rs' of primary education. If you ask me, it's time to shake things up.

As it is, most of our five-year-olds don't know the first thing about philosophy and some even get to six - six! - without appreciating existentialism, the true nature of despair, Cartesian dualism or even the difference between reflective and prereflective consciousness.

Instead, it is My-Little-Pony-this and Thomas- The-Tank-Engine-that and it's a scandal, that's what it is.

It's time that things changed around here..

Lessons in philosophy could be just the challenge that our fertile young minds need.

It would make a huge difference to five-yearolds who are not used to disciplined thinking.

We can only hope that philosophy will make a difference.

At present, most of our five-year-olds are absolutely useless when it comes to following a train of thought through to its logical conclusion. …