National Environmental Health Association 73rd AEC & Exhibition

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In these uncertain times, more than ever, environmental health professionals need the knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare for where the practice of environmental health is heading. This year's conference will give serious attention to how the profession is changing-especially in response to economic pressures and the emergence of profession-based performance standards.


NEHA is taking a leadership role in mapping out a new profile for the profession. The 2009 AEC & Exhibition will serve as a convergence for NEHA and the profession to explore this evolution, address present concerns and future issues, and start to pave new avenues to ensure the positive growth of the profession. Be part of this exciting movement within environmental health and take away the inspiration and key information needed to lead yourself, your organization, and your profession into the future.


* A keynote presentation by CDC leader Howard Frumkin, MD, MPH, DrPH, Director, National Center for Environmental Health, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, focused on the role of environmental health in sustainability, such as climate change, built communities, and sustainable development.

* A focus on greater roles for environmental health within the areas of sustainability and all-hazards preparedness.

-Expanded Sustainability track that provides insight into this field and how environmental health is, and can be, involved.

-A thorough educational offering of all-hazards preparedness topics that covers the latest issues and future directions.

* Exploration of a more in-depth role in food safety-one that spans beyond our traditional work and partnerships, and one that emphasizes a stronger collaboration of industry and regulatory communities exploring burgeoning food safety issues together, both locally, nationally, and internationally.

* A symposium focused on the discussion of the "New Government Structure" and where environmental health fits.

* Robust education on the large variety of topic areas and issues facing this profession, along with professional development sessions to help equip you with tools you can use in your daily work.



The NEHA 2009 AEC & Exhibition takes a revealing look at how the environmental health profession is evolving. This year's conference will explore this evolution and start to pave new avenues to ensure the positive growth of the profession.

Food Safety and Protection: This educational track will explore a more in-depth role for environmental health professionals that emphasizes a stronger collaboration of industry and regulatory communities.

Sustainability: The topic of Sustainability has been expanded this year to explore how environmental health is, and can be, involved. NEHA is pleased to present Dr. Howard Frumkin, MD, MPH, DrPH from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the keynote speaker covering sustainability and a crucial new role in the environmental health practice.

Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness: This educational track will thoroughly address the latest issues and future directions in preparedness planning, response, and recovery for emergency and all-hazards events.

New Government Structure Symposium: This year's conference features a NEW symposium that will address budget cuts, staffing cuts, re-arranging government services structures, etc. Learn from the perspective of the state and local officials that make these hard decisions; hear ideas on where environmental health will end up in the future; and learn how to work with legislators to make the most difference.

Onsite Wastewater Systems and SORA/COI Conference:

NEHA is pleased to have the State Onsite Regulators Alliance/Captains of Industry (SORA/COI) conference held during our 2009 AEC & Exhibition. …