Sir Lancelot and His Page; WIN A SUPERB PARKER SONNET PEN WORTH [Pounds Sterling]100

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HERE'S your chance to win a Parker Sonnet Black Laque fountain pen worth [pounds sterling]100. Every week our gallant knight Sir Lancelot engages in an amiable joust with his Page. They provide different clues that give the same answers. Sir Lancelot provides the Cryptic Clues and his Page the Quick Clues. Solutions next Sunday.



1 Collect article and pray about treatment (5,7)

8 Shutting up at end with a little chime (9)

9 Wager queen's taken in military hat (5)

11 Seeing agent spilling gin (6)

12 Mars warring with people in this weaponry development (4,4)

14 Cut place of work with one friend, being authorised (10)

16 Opera singer is keen to make a comeback (4)

18 It makes clean note on a piano (4)

19 Love theatres we demolished (10)

21 One drawn back lay empty towards the centre (8)

22 Arab confusedly admitted extreme characters in marketplace (6)

25 Chap getting thermometer scale learner dropped (5)

26 I'm a bit potty joining bad actor in Northern town (9)

27 Perverse, angry smile by editor restricted one (5-7)


1 Get over one's sentimental yearnings for starters? That's silly (5)

2 Exceptionally fastidious? That's finished before French city is reached (8)

3 Rest horizontally after quiet movement with bended knee (4)

4 Careless spender of money is intoxicated by luxury car (4,6)

5 Sturdy public transport driving through waste (6)

6 Cap I taper, styled for each person (3,6)

7 Blades joined together to get thrill from this football display (8,4)

10 Sound of judgment with this well-played card? (3,4,5)

13 Bird coming to round the end of April and stepping out carelessly (10)

15 Tire and become unsteady like an enthusiastic patriot (4-5)

17 Horn I played entrancing Ann and Welsh girl (8)

20 Legendary ruler managed university in the States (6)

23 Longed for cheese not half featured in commercial (5)

24 Girl involved in system management (4)

LAST WEEK'S SOLUTIONS, No 368 ACROSS: 1 Though, 4 Stopover, 9 Beeton, 10 Alsatian, 12 Rugby league, 15 Stoat, 17 Koala bear, 18 Tunesmith, 19 Squad, 20 Catastrophe, 24 Eton suit, 25 Empire, 26 Porosity, 27 Hymned. …