Twitter'd OK with Obama; Online Faithful Give New President High Marks

Article excerpt

Byline: Christina Bellantoni, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Even though President Obama has offered up just one tweet for his 947,000 followers since taking office, the Twitter ruling is in - his first 100 days have been a resounding success.

A random sample of Twitter users engaged in political news mirrored a broader national trend of patience for the new president and a belief that the media exaggerate Mr. Obama's problems.

Obama is our first modern multitasker president, user SteveBeste wrote on Twitter. I give him an A for bringing a new sanity to domestic and foreign policy.

Why oh why do these people seem to think Obama should have everything fixed in 4 months? opined Jclipscomb0518.

The most common praise on the social-networking Web site came on the topic of restoring the U.S. image abroad.

Levitated USA back to credible leader of the free world, user Altakocker wrote via Twitter, rating Mr. Obama with an A+ and getting in under the microblogging service's 140-character limit.

The brevity of Twitter limits in-depth conversation about Mr. Obama's performance, but offers a gauge of to-the-point thoughts on the early benchmark of his presidency.

Been remarkable; shown restraint, leadership, intelligence, accomplishes goals, doesn't play tit for tat, gets an A, Misha1234 offered in a tweet.

I give him a B, wrote Shaijinx. Stim spending not big enough, love the tax cut, great job overseas and with pirates, bad on spying.

TryDave said he got what he expected from Mr. Obama: Intelligence, rationalism, courage.

Criticism focused on Mr. Obama's personnel mistakes - from his nominees such as former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle dropping out owing to unpaid taxes or others, such as Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, getting confirmed despite his problem with taxes.

Others said Mr. Obama's team did a poor job of vetting, said he has picked inept Cabinet members and has failed to communicate his policy for the bank crisis.

I give Obama a B. It'd be an A but for serious and unexpected nominee drama, wrote Showmeeats.

Charlesdthomas dinged Mr. Obama for what he considers dissing USA to Europeans and gave him low marks on the wars, national security and stimulus plan, but allowed an A grade for the president's handling of the Somali pirates standoff.

Comoannie said Mr. Obama is 80 percent right on priorities, but too cozy with Wall St., and LauriCroce gave the president an A-minus, saying the administration is too concerned with politics and re-election concerns.

Dgiant gave the president an A-minus for having re-established strained foreign relations, adding, He's doing what I voted for.

A+ - Obama has had unprecedented challenges and has attacked them with reasoning & resolve, wrote Janeco. …