Operation Gaylord! Council Ignores 65th Anniversary of D-Day Sacrifice. but Lavishes Taxpayers' Cash on Transgender Day and Funds Gay Porn Exhibition

Article excerpt

Byline: Graham Grant Home Affairs Editor

VETERANS yesterday condemned Scots council chiefs for failing to mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day - while using taxpayers' cash to fund a series of events celebrating gay rights.

Glasgow City Council is at the centre of a row over an exhibition featuring gay pornography, organised at public expense by the authority's Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) charity.

As well as spending [pounds sterling]240,000 on the show - aimed at tackling homophobia - and other events including cross-dressing classes, CSG will also mark key dates in the gay rights calendar.

This will include highlighting the plight of gay asylum seekers during Refugee Week starting on June 15 - less than ten days after world leaders travel to Normandy on June 6 for the anniversary of the landings, which were codenamed Operation Overlord.

Other dates CSG is marking through special events or performances are the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on May 17, the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20 and LGBT History Month next February.

But last night Scots veterans voiced fury that no such special 'remembrance' will be afforded to D-Day veterans by the council.

Dr Tom Renouf, 84, who was only 19 when his unit - the 5th Battalion, The Black Watch - hit the beach in Normandy, said: 'This is a very special commemoration as it is the last time many veterans will be able to mark the date. The council needs to reconsider this as it seems very wrong that it is making practically no effort for D-Day while honouring obscure dates in the gay rights calendar.'

Dr Renouf, who is planning to go to Normandy on June 6, added: 'All of the veterans will be disgusted public cash is being spent on gay pornography and gay rights. It's simply beyond comprehension.'

Neil Griffiths, of the Royal British Legion in Scotland, said: 'There is something very wrong with the judgment and priorities of a public body using council tax cash to fund gay pornography and celebrate gay rights while ignoring the memory of those who died for their country.

'By spending money on one sector of society like this - and frankly going way too far - they are certainly not looking after the best interests of the citizens.

'Well over a quarter of British troops at D-Day were Scots - many from Glasgow.' Earlier this month, the Mail revealed that a CSG exhibition called sh[OUT] - which opened last week at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow - contains lurid gay pornography. …