It's Never Too Late to Get Online! ADVERTISING FEATURE

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ARE you over 65? Are computers a bit of a mystery and is all this internet and web stuff gobbledegook to you? Do your kids and grandkids seem to be speaking a different language? Well you're certainly not alone, and believe it or not - with a bit of help from UK online centres - it's never too late to join in.

UK online centres specialise in helping people use computers and the internet and this month they're running a new campaign for older people called "It's never too late to get online".

In the West Midlands, about 39 per cent of adults remain offline - and half of them are over 65 - but UK online centres are here to help and have friendly staff to explain all the technical stuff in a way anyone can understand.

It's never too late to get online aims to encourage those over a certain age to give the internet a go, and join the growing ranks of silver surfers - people like 85-year-old Robert Booth who said: "Computers weren't around when I was young, so it's not that surprising I don't know that much about them.

"Young people use them all the time of course, and I started to think I was falling behind the times. Even my four-year-old great granddaughter Sophie knew more than I did! That's why I decided to do something about it." Robert went to his local UK online centre, the Benchill Community centre, and had a chat with tutor Steve. He continued: "It was very friendly, and Steve was very supportive and patient. He introduced me to a service called myguide - and it made everything very easy.

"Thanks to the myguide courses I quickly started to feel very comfortable online - I've done emailing, internet searching, looked at how a computer works and how to send photographs and attachments. …