New York City Affiliate Targets Obesity, Access to Healthy Foods

Article excerpt

Despite decades of health gains in New York City, obesity and diabetes continue to undermine the health of the city. To improve the health of residents and eliminate the disparities that hamper efforts to reverse the troubling trends, the Public Health Association of New York City and the City University of New York are taking action.

In February, the New York City association and City University's Campaign Against Diabetes launched "Reversing Obesity in New York City: An Action Plan for Reducing the Promotion and Accessibility of Unhealthy Food." Directed at New York City policy-makers, advocates and health professionals, the report aims to educate and spark debate on food policy choices for New York.

"We hope our report will be a catalyst for developing a different view of obesity, not only as an individual problem but as a social problem and, in particular, a policy problem," said Nicholas Freudenberg, DrPH, director of the doctor of public health program at City University of New York and a past president of PHANYC.

Freudenberg said the report seeks to create a food environment in which healthy foods and messages that support health are more common and easier to choose than unhealthy messages and foods. …