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Byline: Mike Harris

1 Name the first billionaire author.

2 Identify the first names of President and Mrs Obama's two children.

3 Complete this ecstatic response to some unique and welcome news in the form of a newspaper headline. "WG GRACE, DON BRADMAN, SHANE WARNE ... AND --" and who is "speaking" here? 4 The following are the initials of five famous Welsh singers. Who are they? SB, D, KJ, CM & MP.

5 Which fictional character speaking directly to her audience in the novel, said: "Reader, I married him." 6 Of what is the following an inebriated parody? "Starkle, starkle, little twink,/Who the hell you are, I think/I'm not under the affluence of incohol, /Like some tinkle peep I are." 7 Of which post-war US presidents were these their First Lady's first names? Bess, Eleanor, Jacqueline, Lady Bird and Mamie.

8 What are the female counterparts to these male animals: donkey, cattle, deer, dog, fox, goat, horse, kangaroo, lion, pig and ram.

9 "Before THAT, there was nothing - no matter, no space and no time." What does THAT refer to? 10 Identify these famous women from the following clues: i) 1910-80/Austrian-born/naturalist & author/ celebrated for Born Free ii) 1934- /French/ actress, singer, model/animal rights activist/first husband, Roger Vadim iii) 1923-77/Greek/ soprano/called Bible of Opera iv) 1815-42/ English/celebrated 1838 rescuer of seamen in North Sea storm v) 1897-1937/American/first aviatrix to fly Atlantic solo/ awarded DFC/ disappeared over Pacific vi) 1915-96/ American/ brilliant jazz singer/First Lady of Song vii) 1917-84/Indian/ PM 1966-77/ assassinated by own guards, viii) 1765-1815/ English/model and prostitute/ mistress of Nelson/died in poverty ix) 1880-1968 /American /first deaf-blind person to get BA degree/longtime leftwing political activist, x) 1853-1929/Channel Islands/ stage actress/ mistress of Edward VII and other titled men/became US citizen/died at Monaco.

1 JK Rowling (1965- ) is reputed to be the first billionaire author, although in 2008, the Sunday Times estimated her financial worth to be approximately pounds 560m. …