Books Worth Reading: A Summer Reading List for Administrators

Article excerpt

I took mostly friendly flak when I provided a "Summer Reading List for School Administrators" in this column last May/June. More than one of you questioned the quality of my selections, but a number of you responded more along the lines of, "What's up with this serious stuff, George? It s summer, already!" I thought I had provided a nice balance between school and world-related issues--along with books to distract you from reality. But, as someone always seeking continuous growth, here's a summer reading list that will not tax too many brain cells.

* "Please Write in the Book," by Mary Amato (2008)

Chances are your students have or will have read this funny story about a teacher who provides a notebook for students to write in. It gets pretty bad before it gets better.

* "The American Savior," by Roland Merallo (2008)

Jesus runs for president of the United States with a platform of the "Golden Rule." Now there's a plot line. This humorous political satire also delivers a pleasingly warm message.

* A mystery by Nevada Barr

Chances are good that Nevada Barr has written a mystery about a murder that takes place in your favorite national park. …