NOT ANOTHER CENT FOR ABUSE VICTIMS; Religious Orders Refuse to Change EUR127m Deal with State

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RELIGIOUS orders whose members raped and battered kids in state schools last night REFUSED to hand over an extra cent in compensation to the victims.

The orders rejected calls by Cardinal Sean Brady and Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin to pay more money by re-negotiating a controversial 2002 agreement between the state and Church.

TD Pat Rabbitte last night branded their refusal to consider a new deal a "snub to public opinion".

The agreement capped the orders' compensation to thousands of victims at just EUR127million - but the total bill, estimated at EUR1.2billion - will be picked up by taxpayers.

Even as gardai prepared to move in on the monsters who raped and beat children and were laid bare in the Ryan report last week, the orders refused to budge.

Their umbrella group CORI said in a statement it "accepted the gravity" of the abuse detailed in the report.

But it added: "Rather than re-opening the terms of the agreement reached with Government in 2002, we reiterate our commitment to working with those who suffered enormously while in our care.

"We must find the best and most appropriate ways of directly assisting them."

The statement said the group would meet in the coming days to "explore the detail of our responses". …