Charles Darwin in Australia

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Charles Darwin in Australia by F.W Nicholas & J.M. Nicholas Cambridge University Press, first published in 1989. The Anniversary Edition with additional illustrations 2008.

This is a really beautiful book which gives a detailed account of Charles Darwin's activities and visits during his two month stay in Australia in 1836. He spent some time in Sydney and Bathurst N.S.W. and then in Hobart in Van Diemen's Land. When HMS Beagle left on the return trip to England they called in to King George Sound in what is now Western Australia. The book is based on Darwin's extensive diaries and gives a wonderful look at life in the two Australian colonies. He visited many important people and was entertained in their houses. The illustrations, over two hundred of them, include paintings and drawings by Augustus Earle and Conrad Martens and one by Darwin's Shooter, Syms Covington. as well as a number of modern photographs. The dust jacket shows a portrait of the young and handsome Charles Darwin in 1840 just after his return to England. This appears on the front cover of this issue of Margin.

Charles Darwin in Australia differs from Mr. …