7th Son Deliver on Early Promise with Rude Rock Reggae Treasure

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It's been a while in the making, but come next Thursday, Mercury Live will bear witness to the launch of 7th Son's long-awaited new album, Ontology.

The Mother City is home to the eccentric blend of rock and reggae produced by Nic Gaud (lead vocals), Jed Kusow (lead guitar and vocals), Miggs Auer (bass), Raiven Hansmann (saxophone and keyboards) and Owen Ingarfield (drums).

Close on 10 years after what seemed like a good idea back then, 7th Son is today finally teasing the big leagues. "We needed to walk this (long) road," Gaud explains. "What we've leant musically and about ourselves over the years is reflected in what you hear throughout the new album."

After playing on and off for close on a decade, it was a series of fortunate meetings and some great repertoire that convinced the five-piece to eventually commit all of their waking hours to the fine art of creating music.

7th Son's newfound focus can be heard in Ontology's first single, The Boys Light Up, a remake of the 1980 classic first made famous by the band Australian Crawl.

"It's a fantastic song!" Gaud insists. "Lyrically it works within the

context of where we are as a band, as well as where the world is right now."

With their blend of what the band calls "rude rock reggae" thrust directly into the jugular of Ontology, the band has grown in leaps and bounds since their debut Rain In The Fire gave them their first hint of popularity.

"By comparison we wrote Ontology naturally," Gaud recalls. "We arrived without past baggage. If anything, thanks to chance meetings at Music Exchange (SA's first independent music conference) in March and our subsequent signing to Musketeer Records, we're now well and truly on our way."

In 2006 the band released a five-track mini-album entitled These Days. The songs captured the imagination of everyone who saw them live at the time. They played every major festival and headlined Splashy Fen, Up The Creek, Rocking The Daisies and The J Bat Billabong Music Festival, all in the same year.

Today 7th Son are well rehearsed to take their frenzied energetic musical experience across South Africa, and potentially around the world if their 11 track re-invention impresses sufficiently.

Ontology's success is built on the foundation laid in pre-production sessions with renowned producer Brian O'Shea (Fetish, Sugardrive, Watershed) before the band went in to record the album. …