Accent on English; LETTERS

Article excerpt

SIR - In his letter (June 4) Chris Schoen criticises the makers of Doctor Who for not making the show Welsh enough..

But what does he expect from the BBC? Does Mr Schoen really expect the English to accept the Welsh accent when even the Welsh don't themselves? For example, it seems to be almost mandatory for Welsh TV presenters to put on a pseudo-English accent.

When that cannot be done ITV brought in a presenter from England to present the Welsh News (there's nothing like a proper Home Counties accent, is there?).

People with Welsh accents are often perceived as being unintelligent not just by the English but by us Welsh people too. An older relative once gave me some job interview advice: "Adopt a more English accent".

The great Richard Burton himself was instructed to lose his strong Welsh lilt in order to become successful. By adopting a "posh" southern English accent a person often becomes perceived as superior. …