County Endorses 2nd Amendment

Article excerpt

Byline: James Fuller

It wasnt the ringing endorsement a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association would want, but the Kane County Board did approve a resolution in support of the Second Amendment Tuesday.

Much of the debate on the issue centered on why the board was even tasked with such a vote during a time when its shaking couch cushions to solve budget woes. The matter was put before the county by the Illinois Pro 2A group, which has pushed most county boards in the state to take a stance. Kane was one of seven counties to not pass some sort of supportive resolution going into Tuesdays vote.

"Im not sure why we need to debate any amendments to the United States Constitution," said county board member Bonnie Kunkel of Aurora. "Were not in any position to change them."

That summed up the general sentiments of board members who had an issue with the resolution. The words under debate were a much watered-down version of the resolution proposed by the Illinois Pro 2A group. Its version specifically calls on the state to not pass any laws infringing or banning the possession of firearms for uses already approved in the state. Kane Countys version mostly restates the Second Amendment itself. An attempt to add more of the Illinois Pro 2A group wording was shot down in the closest vote ever on the county board while Karen McConnaughay has been chairman. …