Guides to Support Newly- Qualified Social Workers

Article excerpt

Two important guides are available to help social workers in Wales make a successful transition from students to full-time practitioners

The companion publications have been produced by the Care Council for Wales and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

The guide from the Care Council is aimed at newlyqualified social workers, covering their transition to professional practitioners and setting out their responsibilities as employees. It also covers continuous professional development and post-registration training and learning.

Making the Most of the First Year in Practice A Guide for newly Qualified Social Workers

June 2008 The CSSIW's publication is focused on employers' responsibilities, giving them guidance on how to support, manage and develop newly-qualified social workers.

1 Both guides use case studies to convey the information in a way that will resonate with those who have recently qualified and their employers.

Rhian Huws Williams, Chief Executive of the Care Council, said: "The transition from student to being a registered practitioner is a crucial and forming time in the career of social workers. It is therefore vital that newly-qualified social workers receive structured professional supervision and support arrangements to enable them to move into their role.

"It is also important that newly-qualified social workers are clear about the expectations on them as regulated practitioners to reflect and to continuously develop as professionals. …