Give and Take

Article excerpt

Rob Anderson's reply to my letter "Sharing the load" (June 11) refers. Thank you. I am guilty of not having knowledge of the Noordhoek Environmental Action Group's (NEAG) expenditure and activities.

The NEAG has spent R200 000 on legal fees and trees. That is great, although I am not sure its emphasis and expenditure are in altogether the right direction.

The R150 000 in legal fees rectified the unlawful activity of establishing the parking lot. Good. The lot has now been legalised and re-established. The village needs the parking. The law has been followed, but R150 000 lost.

Could the NEAG not have foreseen that the parking would ultimately get approval?

Then R50 000 was collected and spent on trees on the common. Good.

My letter dealt with the entire community.

We as privileged citizens have a responsibility to engage and promote all sectors of the community, privileged and unprivileged.

The development of the Dassenberg site was submitted for many reasons. …