Paying the Penalty

Article excerpt

It is disappointing to note the failure on the part of the Local Organising Committee to profile a typical football fan in South Africa, particularly with regard to Confed Cup ticket prices.

One expected that this profile would have formed part of that thick bid book handed to Fifa before bidding for 2010.

Seeing that the LOC disregarded this important reality in the republic, I will assist.

A football fan in South Africa is a very loyal but poor person. The word profession does not exist in his vocabulary, simply because he is not a professional himself.

If lucky, this person is employed as a construction worker, security guard, a cleaner, mineworker, gardener, etc.

Added to this category is the guy who attends township high school or has dropped out in standard eight. No skill, no craft and no education.

This person earns just a little more than one thousand rand, but he tries hard to get his team's regalia. Although employed, he still stays with parents just in case he is retrenched.

He's either married, or has a child and a host of other people to take care of.

This person attends two football matches in a year - only when two top local sides (Chiefs and Pirates) are in town.

And, in all probability, this would not cost him more than R50 in a year. …