Teachers Held after Neighbour Declared Dead in Insurance Claim Scam

Article excerpt

BYLINE: Kamini Padayachee

DURBAN: Two teachers have been arrested on fraud allegations after a woman was declared dead and money claimed from two insurance companies.

The two women, teachers at primary schools in Clermont here, have appeared in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court on three counts of fraud.

According to Captain Thulani Zwane, the seed of the fraud was allegedly sown when a neighbour discussed her financial problems with one of the teachers.

This had led to a suggestion that the woman in financial difficulty arrange life insurance cover, name one of the teachers the beneficiary, and then be declared dead.

Two insurance policies were taken out in the victim's name earlier this year.

"The (woman) was aware that (one of the teachers) had taken out these policies and made herself the beneficiary."

Home Affairs officials had been misled and a death certificate issued for the woman in March.

Zwane said that the two teachers would have needed a corpse to pull off the ruse.

"As the police are investigating the matter, we cannot (divulge) the full details of how the women managed to secure the death certificate," Zwane said. …