Power of the Internet; a Strong Research and Development Culture Has Helped Ecommerce Software Firm Netalogue Grow and Move into New Markets

Article excerpt

Netalogue is a company heavily committed to researching and developing internet technologies.

This has been particularly true in its approach to encouraging businesses to utilise the internet for e-commerce.

In recent years, explains managing director Richard Condon, research and development has become part of the company's fabric with the technology created for its customers assuming greater and greater importance.

"The technology we have created and the intellectual property that accompanies it has grown as our customers have got bigger," said Mr Condon.

"This has resulted in our moving into larger markets where companies place great value on the quality of our research and development seeing it as the distinguishing feature of our products." Such an approach has enabled the Port Talbot-based company to stay ahead of internet trends in terms of its own business model and the diverse interests of its customer base.

The rewards of such a strategy has seen Netalogue, which is listed on Plus Markets, increase in size year on year with the recent recessionary climate proving no exception.

Mr Condon said: "We are recruiting bright minds from universities and other businesses. When coupled with a strong research and development culture, customers in search of an online competitor edge get the results they want." There is another side to the coin, which he thinks, is peculiar to this sector.

He said: "Because this is still early days for the internet as a commercial entity, it carries an excitement which I think needs to be tapered to the practicalities of business.

What we try to do is blend the core requirements of a business, when trading online, with the more exciting strategies of moving in new directions, when it comes to increasing the online customer base.

"I think companies are having to change the way in which they work and having to fall in line with new techniques and those who do are delivering massive advantage." As a company that sells high-end commercial solutions to businesses that want to sell their products online, Netalogue has to overcome several obstacles Larger companies, explains Mr Condon, face complex issues when it comes to bringing information on pricing and contractual policies online.

To overcome this, the company has researched and developed systems that allow the process to be simplified. …