Books Received

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The list includes all books received between 1 December 2008 and I March 2009. Those featuring at the beginning of New Book Chronicle have, however, not been duplicated in this list. The listing of a book in this chronicle does not preclude its subsequent review in Antiquity.


ANDREW ROBINSON. Lost languages: the enigma of the world's undeciphered scripts. 352 pages, numerous illustrations & tables. Second edition 2009 (first published in 2002). London: Thames & Hudson; 9780--500--51453--5 hardback 16.95 [pounds sterling]. DUSAN BORIC & JOHN ROBB (ed.). Past bodies: body--centred research in archaeology, viii+ 152 pages, 59 illustrations. 2008. Oxford: Oxbow; 978--1--84217341--1 hardback 30 [pounds sterling].

NICOLE BOIVIN. Material cultures, material minds: the impact of things on human thought, society and evolution, xviii + 270 pages, 67 illustrations, 2 tables. 2009. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 9780--521--87397--0 hardback 45 [pounds sterling] & $85.

WILLIAM ANDREFSKY, JR (ed.). Lithic technology. xviii+340 pages, 118 illustrations. 2008. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 978--0--52188827--1 hardback 48 [pounds sterling] & $95.

LAURAJANE SMITH & NATSUKO AKAGAWA (ed.). Intangible heritage, xiv+316 pages, 3 illustrations. 2009. Abingdon & New York: Routledge; 978--0--41547397--2 hardback 70 [pounds sterling].

MARTA ANICO & ELSA PERALTA. Heritage and identity: engagement and demission in the contemporary world (Museum Meanings). xii+196 pages, 19 illustrations. 2009. Abingdon: Routledge; 978--0415--45336--3 paperback 22.99 [pounds sterling].

NENA GALANIDOU & LIV HELGA DOMMASNES (ed.). Telling children about the past: an interdisciplinary perspective, xii + 324 pages, 41 illustrations, 15 tables. 2007. Ann Arbor (MI): International Monographs in Prehistory; 978--1--879621--40--4 paperback $25.

European pre--and protohistory

DAVID S. WHITLEY. Cave paintings and the human spirit: the origin of creativity and belief. 322 pages, 24 b&w & colour illustrations. 2009. Amherst (NY): Prometheus Books; 978--1--59102--636--5 hardback $25.98.

H.P. BLANKHOLM. Malsnes 1: an early post--glacial coastal site in northern Norway. xii+ 108 pages, 76 b&w & colour illustrations, 21 tables. 2008. Oxford: Oxbow; 978--1--84217--343--5 hardback 35 [pounds sterling].

MICHAEL D. FRACHETTI. Pastomlist landscapes and social interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia. xviii + 214 pages, 53 illustrations. 2008. Berkeley & Los Angeles (CA): University of California Press; 978--0--52025689--7 hardback 26.95 [pounds sterling].

ALBERTO J. LORRIO. Qurenima: el Bronce Final del sureste de la Peninsula Iberica (Bibliotheca Archaeologica Hispana 27, Anejo a la Revista Lucentum 17). 598 pages, 281 illustrations, 64 tables. 2008. Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia; 978--8496849--41--9 paperback.

Mediterranean archaeology

STELLA G. SOUVATZI. A social archaeology of households in Neolithic Greece: an anthropological approach. xxii+310 pages, 82 illustrations, 7 tables. 2008. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 978--0--52183689--0 hardback 55 [pounds sterling] & $95.

W.D. TAYLOUR[dagger] & R. JANKO. Ayios Stephanos: excavations ata Bronze Age and medieval settlement in southern Laconia (British School at Athens Supplementary Volume 44). xxviii+708 pages, 353 illustrations, 136 tables, CD--ROM. 2008. London: British School at Athens; 978--0--904887587 hardback.

MARIA KOSTOGLOU. Iron and steel in ancient Greece: artefacts, technology and social change in Aegean Thrace fom Classical to Roman times (British Archaeological Reports International Series 1883). x+226 pages, 162 illustrations, 20 tables. 2008. Oxford: John & Erica Hedges; 978--1--4073--0239--3 paperback 49 [pounds sterling].

ANN BRYSBAERT. The power of technology in the Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean: the case of the painted plaster (Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology 12). …