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Byline: Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham answers your questions in association with SKY SPORTS HD

Q: Hi Sir Ian. How do you want cricket fans to remember you? John Staford

A: Well John, my time was a while ago now and I'm even struggling to remember it! I'd like to be remembered for the way I played and the enjoyment I hope I provided. Cricketers are in the entertainment business and sometimes people forget that. You play to win - that's what it's all about - but you should do so with a smile on your face and with adventure in your heart. That's what people want and I hope I was able to bring a bit of that to the table. And of course beating the Aussies is something we all like to be remembered for.

Q: With the first Ashes Test two weeks away Ian, do you think Adil Rashid can go as far as the legend Shane Warne? Shaun Trower

A: When a young cricketer bursts on the scene there are temptations to make comparisons, which is a bit unfair. What I will say is there will never be another Shane Warne, he's one in a million. But Adil Rashid can be as effective. He gives the ball good flight and a good rip which means he will always have a chance of taking wickets. He just needs a captain and selectors who will back him and once he gets into the team he needs to keep improving. Then he may well find himself on the "Warne path".

Q: Hi Ian. Do you think this series can match up to 2005. On paper the bowling attacks seem well matched therefore do you think the batting line ups hold the key to the series and who do you think will be the player of the series for each side? Terry Plumley

A: I'm not sure my heart can take another series like that. …