ArtMP Takes Center Stage: Masterpiece Publishing's Impeccable Combination of Art, Education and Inspiration Brings Galleries Confidence and Motivation Amidst Challenging Times

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In a time when companies across the nation are cutting back, Masterpiece Publishing did exactly the opposite with the launch of ArtMP--a revolutionary event concept filled with in-depth education, phenomenal artworks and undeniable class, through and through.

"It's because of what's going on in the economy that we chose to act," says Masterpiece Publishing CFO Randy Slavin. "We wanted to provide our partner galleries with the necessary tools to think outside the box and survive this downturn. We also wanted to show our appreciation for all the gallery owners who make what we do possible."

To say that the 42 galleries and 29 collectors who attended ArtMP felt appreciated would be an understatement--most of them felt like royalty throughout the lavish two-day event, held at the company's southern California headquarters in late April.

"ArtMP was not only an incredible tribute to Masterpiece's renowned fine artists, but to the arts at large," says attendee Ashley Mattila, who co-owns Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery in Lake Tahoe with her husband, Marcus Mattila. "They spoiled us with great culinary arts, amazing wines and spectacular performing arts like Cirque du Soleil and Pageant of the Masters. It was incredible from start to finish."



The impeccable VIP treatment, attention to detail and opulent style Masterpiece emulated throughout the event not only allowed CEO Daniel Winn to wine and dine his top galleries, but it also allowed him to demonstrate the astounding results any gallery can achieve when hosting a knock-your-socks off event like ArtMP.

"We combined the best of the best from our personal event experience and what we've seen from other galleries to show everyone what's possible when you put on a fantastic VIP show," Winn says. "Getting collectors into a new environment surrounded by never-before-seen artwork creates an incredible level of excitement and produces phenomenal sales results."

Attending galleries who invited one or two of their top private collectors to ArtMP quickly became proof of this mantra. A private collector of one attending gallery owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) purchased pieces from an additional six Masterpiece artists to compliment an existing Tuan sculpture collection--resulting in a whopping $400,000 in sales for the gallery in just two days. Other galleries, such as St. Augustine, Fla.based Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, also made significant sales with attending clients.

"Because of the incredible experience Masterpiece created, my top collector fell in love with many of their artists she had never even seen before and ended up acquiring a new piece from almost every artist," says Ryan Sheckels, vice president of sales for Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, who was so inspired that he purchased some pieces for his own private collection, even though he swore he wouldn't. "I had taken this particular collector to events like this before, but she was absolutely blown away by what they had accomplished."



Inclusion of private collectors was such a success that Masterpiece has already reinvented the event for galleries' clients several times over, so those who didn't bring a collector the first time around could take advantage of the lucrative sales opportunity.


There were no signs of a down market in the Masterpiece Laguna Beach Showroom, as gallery owners quickly staked their claims on never-before-seen works by the publisher's eight established artists--Arian, Boban, Darida, Garcia, Renzo, M.L. Snowden, Tarnowski and Tuan--and its three debuting talents-abstract painter Carlos Torres, sculptor Ira Reines and Visual Emotionist Andre Desjardins, all of whom attended the event.

Attending galleries and collectors were the first to see 33 debut ing sculpture editions and more than 100 new original paintings in a stunning display of artworks that were incredibly distinct, yet compellingly cohesive. …