Help with the Business of Recruiting Employees with Disabilities

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BYLINE: sarah-jane bosch

Most organisations are under pressure to recruit people with disabilities in terms of their employment equity targets. For some, this is a completely new experience requiring guidance; others may only have followed some of the procedures of the Employment Equity Act of 1998, The Code of Good Practice: Key Aspects on the Employment of People with Disabilities and the Technical Assistance Guidelines on the Employment of People with Disabilities, without incorporating other relevant processes.

Estelle Wilsnagh, Russell Vollmer, Mark Wortley and Fatima Mustapha of CapeAble Disability Consulting recruitment agency, say they have found the recruitment of people with disabilities usually takes place without an environmental audit, updated company policies or sensitisation training, which places employees with disabilities at a disadvantage.

"For this reason we have packaged these components into one affordable product," says Wilsnagh.

An initial consultation will review the human resources pro-cesses and health and safety procedures to determine that the correct policies, procedures and practices are in place in accordance with the Employment Equity Act and the Code of Good Practice for employing people with disabilities.

A basic environmental audit with report will provide an understanding of accessibility in a specified area of a building which will include the arrival, entrance, workplace and personal needs environments at the office. …