The Best of Israeli Blogs

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Observers of Israel's blogosphere often complain that the country's political blogs have yet to shake up its media and political establishments like their American counterparts. But whether you prefer your blogs mixed with pink nail polish, humor, academic analysis or partisanship, there are plenty of provocative pages to bookmark and explore.--Simona Fuma Weinglass

Ya'acov Lozowick's Ruminations

English, started 2007

This invariably thoughtful, smart blog run by Ya'acov Lozowick, the American-born former director of Yad Vashem's archives, started as a way to "look at critics of Israel and understand what makes them tick." He frequently lambastes Western media coverage of Israel (recently skewering The Economist in a post called, "Ignoramusi Pontificating"), and uses Jewish texts to shed light on current events. When police prevented 15 Saudi girls from escaping a burning school because their heads weren't covered, he wrote, "The Gemarah asks what a pious fool is, and gives as an example a man who sees a woman drowning and doesn't try to save her because she isn't clothed decently."

Lisa Goldman's Blog

English, started 2004

Lisa Goldman's blog documents the best of lefty, young Tel Aviv culture and politics with an exuberance that is addictive. A typical week for Goldman includes attending a fundraiser at a hip music bar for Physicians for Human Rights, making a list of the best cafes in Tel Aviv, and calling her friend Musa in Gaza to find out how he is faring under Israeli constraints. "Israeli television is more focused on how the war affects us," she wrote during the Gaza conflict. "We see very little of the images from Gaza." Goldman even infiltrated Lebanon to blog from the streets of Beirut.

The Strategic Forum

Hebrew, started 2008

Middle East scholars from the center-right Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs provide original reporting and analyses in this multi-expert blog. One standout is Pinhas Inbari, an investigative journalist often one step ahead of the mainstream Israeli and American media. Inbari is convinced that Israel has made itself strategically irrelevant to the U.S. through the botched Lebanon war and repeated requests for international troops on its borders, leading to Barack Obama's cooler stance toward the Jewish state. Another scoop-generator, retired Israeli intelligence officer Jonathan Dahoah Halevi, scrutinizes reports by human rights groups and points out glaring errors.



Hebrew and English, started 2008

Arab Affairs analyst Guy Bechor, head of Middle East Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, has positioned himself as a right-wing maverick up against the left-wing media establishment, even though he is a frequent contributor to those same media outlets. …