Letters: The Meaning of Michael

Article excerpt

As a fan of the King of Pop, I find it hard to accept that he won't be singing anymore, won't make us dream anymore, and won't charm us anymore.

Kamal Dia, Paris, France

To some of us, Michael Jackson was more than a great performer whose music and performances cheered millions; he was a kindhearted, sometimes lonely person who was all about love no matter how much he was pursued by the paparazzi or ridiculed and exploited in the media. We mourn him with great sorrow.

Reinet Loubser, Vienna, Austria

I grew up with Michael Jackson. When his Thriller album came out, he became an icon. When he became a suspect in crimes against children, I turned my back on him. Now that he is gone, I will remember Michael for the positive aspects of his life: the way he loved animals, his contributions to the world, and, of course, his music and dancing. Only God can judge him now.

Paul Dale Roberts, Elk Grove, California

The article on Michael Jackson's death was insensitive and condescending to readers who loved Michael for his music, his showmanship, his endless pursuit of excellence, and his generosity to his fans and to charity. Your tone was not in keeping with the sadness and shock that I--and many people around the world--felt at the loss of Michael at such a young age.

Yolanda McNair, Brooklyn, New York

We owe this artist nothing short of a well-deserved tribute for his remarkable talents, his numerous contributions to the field of music, and for inspiring people worldwide on so many different levels. …