Board Adopts Strategic Plan: 'Result Is a Comprehensive Living Document.' (Natl League of Cities Board of Directors Adopts Recommended Strategic Plan to Guide Agency into 21st century)(Brief Article)

Article excerpt

The NLC Board of Directors last week adopted the recommended strategic plan that guide the organization into next century. The recommended plan, which emerged from year-long process led by NLC President Brian O'Neill, incorporated recommendations made during two public hearings the Congress of Cities and in written comments from hundreds of NLC members.

While final approval of the plan was swift, Board and committee members commended O'Neill for his leadership on this effort and congratulated each other for producing a solid document for the organization.

"It was a wise decision not forcing the committee to submit a plan before we were ready," said Past President Cathy Reynolds who served on the Strategic Planning Committee. "I believe we have produced a comprehensive living document that provides outstanding direction and guidance for the coming years."

O'Neill has appointed a new standing committee of the NLC Board, chaired by Immediate Past President Mark Schwartz, to oversee implementation of the plan. Schwartz said the subcommittee, which held its first meeting at the Congressional City Conference, is committed to keeping the plan in front of the members to ensure that they continue to embrace it and participate in its implementation.

O'Neill reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that members stay connected to the plan. "I wanted this to be an open process," he said. "We undertook an exhaustive attempt to do that, and I hope we succeeded. And, now we need to continue to keep the plan visible and alive during the coming year and beyond."

The adopted plan will be published and distributed broadly to officials in direct member cities and to state municipal leagues within the next month. In addition, the Board, through the work of its subcommittee, win provide an annual report on progress to the membership.

In other business at its March 7 meeting the

Created a new Policy Committee by separating the current Transportation and Communications (T&C) Committee into two committees, beginning in January 1999. One committee will focus on transportation and infrastructure and the other will focus on technology and telecommunications. Mary Poss, mayor pro term of Dallas, and past vice chair of the T&C Committee said she "wholeheartedly endorsed" the recommendation to create two separate committees to deal with these increasingly complex issues. …