Different View of Industrial Revolution

Article excerpt

ThIS book contains a great deal about the technological advances of the world at the time of the so-called "industrial revolution". Innovation gave rise to a long list of constructions such as the Spinning Jenny, iron works, warships, railways and bicycles.

Machines act as mere gadgets but it is the people that invent and construct them and use them that this fascinating social history is really about. The book will give the reader a different view of "The Industrial Revolution".

Story after story tells of how and why industrialisation occurred in the different countries in the world at the time, and there are the great stories of "unsung pioneers from obscurity".

Japan, which took the side of the British in 1914, was kept out of "industrialisation" for so long and it suddenly woke up out of its medieval economy in the late 1860s when it became clear that the "dragon-like invaders" (ships) could fire with power that was unheard of in Japanese military circles.

The "industrial revolution" was not planned. The rise of the machine certainly came about "in an explosion of innovation", however. …